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Network cards dedicated to Servers

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 By: Gabriel
Category: News

Recently the market has introduced new network card and AT-2973SX AT-2973T, the first network cards from Allied Telesis portfolio dedicated servers running virtual machines. AT-2973 products improves network efficiency and increasing system performance by sharing the resources. The operating system required creating a virtual machine is a complex one, and while chipsets have seen a radical improvement in order to cope with this trend of virtualization, further creating a virtual machine is a real challenge. Queue mechanism significantly reduces the performance of virtual machines in terms of CPU solve that task sites of assembly and disassembly of incoming messages in one queue redirecting data to the correct virtual machine. To resolve this down, AT-2973 speeds of “throughput” of data received and the process of distribution, making it possible for each virtual machine to set its own queue. AT-2973SX has two fiber optic ports 1000SX, PCI and NIC virtualization four lines, AT-2973T has two 1000T copper ports, four PCI and NIC virtualization lines. Both network cards are capable of MSI-X (Message Signal Interrupt), providing an alternative method to interrupt the host’s CPU to manage multiple queues, one for each virtual machine – thereby increasing the usability and scalability. As customers migrate to virtualization technology, they could also use the computers as part of a storage solutions. AT-2973 also supports v1.0 iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) and impossible to ISER (iSCSI Extension for Remote Direct Memory Access) Host Bus Adapter (HBA), giving him the opportunity to be the main computer (initiator) or storage device (target device) to facilitate data transfers between virtual machines and manage storage over long distances.

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