Top Hosting Plans

Server Description

Server Administration

Our offer includes the administration of the server, done by a specialist in field.


The servers Unitehosting offers are DELL and other brands.


Unitehosting servers are equipped with high speed processors. The processor is that part of the computer that controls the programs. If the processor is efficient, the system will be too.

RAM (Random Access Memory):

The memory allow storing/accesing the information inside the computer. The way data is accessed inside the computer doesn’t affect the access speed. For running the applications easily we recommend big a memory.

Hard Disk Drive:

HDD is a device for writing and reading information’s on a magnetic support.

Monthly traffic:

We assure large enough traffic for every server.

IP Address:

For the most internet applications, to host a website is sufficient only an IP address.

Linux Red Hat ES:

We offer Red Hat ES Linux version.

Cisco switches:

In internet, this device filters and sends the data packages between the computers.

Control Panel – Plesk:

For this package we offer the possibility to create an unlimited number of accounts.

Owning a Control Panel offers the advantage to easily control your accounts, access traffic detailed statistics, create new e-mail accounts, create and access data bases, etc.


We offer non-stop e-mail support. Our team is always at your disposal for answering your questions. Please view the FAQ section, were you can find your answer.

7 days backup:

The client information’s can be restored no late than 7 days from site server upload.

Monthly update system:

The server applications are monthly updated, so the server is always having the new versions installed.

Contract period:

A contract can be done on a period of 12 months

Installation and configuration tax:

For installing and configuring the server, a unique tax is perceived (paid only one time), which is not refundable.

Monthly traffic overload:

In the case of a traffic is exceeded, a tax is perceived for every package.

In case of a server problem, Unitehosting is offering support for administrations.

SSL Certificate:

We offer the flexibility to choose installing a SSL Certificate; which offers you a plus in credibility. Having a SSL Certificate, the confidential data transfer between the computers, like credit cards, are done in safety, been encrypted. Without a SSL Certificate, the transfer of the information’s is insecure.