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Cisco QuantumFlow for future servers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 By: Gabriel
Category: News

Most of Cisco’s routing system made 12 times more powerful than competing products, which company officials say real progress will be dedicated to networking and the Internet which will underpin the next generation networks. CRS-3 network router has a Cisco QuantumFlow matrix processor, which combines six separate chips, providing a higher level of processing and has a transmission capacity of 322 terabytes per second and can make it possible, for example, by downloading Internet in one second, the entire U.S. Library of Congress. According to Cisco CRS-3 will revolutionize broadband communications field through extraordinary growth rate streaming video, online services and those in portable, impact on consumers, businesses and governments. To get a clearer perspective on the new router, network performance, company officials said the CRS-3 can be downloaded in just four mind, all films created by film industry or the Chinese can allow every citizen to participate in participate in a simultaneous videoconference click this over here now.

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