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Data traffic surpasses that of voice

Friday, April 16, 2010 By: Gabriel
Category: News

Those Ericsson revealed one aspect of the mobile market a little surprinazator: becoming more mobile users prefer to use the phone more than to make phone calls on it. The report highlights the fact that data traffic has eclipsed voice traffic lately. Moreover, according to market data obtained from Ericsson, the last two years the amount of data trafficked mobile networks increased by 280%. At the same event in which they did slightly shocking announcement Ericsson officials said their information as the voice traffic generates about 140,000 terabytes per month sent by wireless networks. However, for the first time, data transmission even exceed this figure monthly Ericsson said and exactly how. When the data traffic will pass in front of the voice seems to be sensitive to mobile operators. This is because most revenues are recorded in voice traffic and the change could lead to substantial changes in prices charged for data traffic.

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