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Legal Agreement

UniteHosting – License of agreement to our resources

S.C. 1 SI 1 Professional Webhosting S.R.L, named Unitehosting, has the main purpose to sell webhosting services to those clients who wants their presence to be noticeable on the internet.

On the moment you decide to buy one of the packages offer by Unitehosting, you will have to make a contract for that package. This license want to inform you about our general policy of the services we offer to the clients, and our rules which has to be respected for a good collaboration.


All the services offered by Unitehosting, must be used only in purpose with the current legislation.

Unitehosting does not monitor, censor, edits, and is in no way responsible for the clients activities linked with Unitehosting resources.

We can only investigate those cessations that are brought to our knowledge by the third parties with alleged controversial use or illegal of Unitehosting resources.

The client is the only one responsible for the content and the use mode to our offered resources, and has to respect the current legislation. Unitehosting can’t monitor, edit or censor the information’s which the clients received/transmit to third parties, even if the received/transmit information’s are done by Unitehosting resources.

For this, Unitehosting is not responsible in any form, for the damage or loss of profit the client or third parties suffer, due to illegal, deceiving or offensive electronic transmissions.

Data Back-up

Unitehosting does not offer a back-up data service for the data the clients store on his servers. Therefore, the client is advice to store a copy of files/data base/etc; stored on Unitehosting servers in the eventuality in which the data’s can’t be accessed. Unitehosting can’t be hold responsible for any damage, of any nature, suffered by the client or third parties, linked to lack of a data back-up.

Unitehosting does neither back-up nor files/data bases/ etc. linked to the clients accounts that cancel the hosting contract. The canceling process has immediate effect, the client understand and agree to the fact that he will have to back-up those data’s before the contract is canceled.

Restricted activities
Commercial communications – email:

Sending unsolicited e-mails (spamming), not regarding the commercial or non-commercial character, using Unitehosting resources is forbidden. Unitehosting has a policy of zero tolerance to spam.

Spam cessations received by Unitehosting, regarding clients activities are investigate closely. In the investigation period, the clients Unitehosting resources can be restricted, and in the eventuality that the cessation is confirmed, the client contract will be closed without other formalities.

Websites that promote sell or offer access to any spam ware products or e-mail list, with the scope to collect or to send unsolicited e-mails can’t be hosted on Unitehosting servers.
Unitehosting reserves the right to notice the client regarding the unsafe “email form” scripts and to delete/rename those scripts, which can evolve to contradict with this license of agreement.

Bad use of system resources
To protect and maintain to standards our servers, the clients activities that can damage server or monopolize Unitehosting resources, are forbidden.

Those activities include but are not limited to:
-use of high risk programs that consumes Unitehosting processor performance.
-use of space offer by Unitehosting to store or back-up data that aren’t linked with the hosted website.
-use of any e-mail system, others from the e-mail system provided by Unitehosting. (parallel webmail, etc.)
-offering the space to a third parties without Unitehosting approval.
-use of the resources offered by Unitehosting to run illegal activities, includes but not limited to: unauthorized access from the distance by other systems, no matter if the activity is run by the client or by another person, any other activities by the nature to test  some computerized systems, no matter of the success of that testing’s.
-spreading viruses, worms or any other electronic resource with destructive potential.

Internet Relay Chat (“IRC”) or any other materials linked whit this one, are forbidden, without exception. This interdiction includes bots, bouncers and any other script or software packages that can create maintain or give access to servers or IRC channels. The client accounts that host that type of electronic material can be suspended, and the contract canceled.

“Shell” type scripts, no matter of the platform (CGI or PHP) are forbidden. This include, but is not limited to scripts that are used to transmit commands of the type “shell – level”, scripts that behave like proxy’s for shell browser access. The client accounts that host that type of material can be suspended, and the contract canceled.

Hosting scripts on Unitehosting server is forbidden. That interdiction include, but is not limited to , scripts by the type “nph-proxy”, which allow any person to navigate on a third parties websites with the ID information masked or unreal point from that this one navigate with Unitehosting servers. The client accounts that host that type of material can be suspended, and the contract canceled.

Illegal or obscene content

The use in any kind of the Unitehosting resources, in order to make public information (wide spread content) with illegal or obscene character, no matter with the modality by which those are made public (transmission, storing, posting) is forbidden. The client accounts that host that type of material can be suspended, and the contract canceled.

Other activities

Any other activities that are not mentioned in this document, but are considered by Unitehosting dangerous to other Unitehosting clients or for the integrity of the Unitehosting network, will be investigate, and the decisions will be a consequence in the scale in which those activities respect or not the present accord.


This agreement does not limit the client’s rights, and does not create obligation impossible to respect by the clients. The present agreement most not be seen like a standard contract which informs you about your obligation to us or the conditioned rights which our contract offer.

We believe that by reading this text you will understand better the things we consider unacceptable in relation with our clients, in the condition in which does things doesn’t affect our business we manage together or separately.