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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I deal with your firm from distance?

By the nature of our business, the location is no problem. We communicate with our clients by e-mail, this is not dependent of the location.

How can I change or upgrade my plan?

For changing the plan, you have to contact the support department and the change will be made.

What is and why do I need Hosting?

Hosting is a service by which, us Unitehosting Web Hosting, store the data from your site, on special servers made for this service. These servers are having high speed Internet connections and they have an au time of 99%. What to do of we modified existing services or we offer different new ones?

All you have to do is to contact the support department which will give you the assistance you need for your changes. The method for contacting us is:
e-mail: support [at] Unitehosting [dot] com

Is the monthly traffic you offer sufficient for every package?

Yes. The packages are made special to assure optimal hosting conditions for every type of website.

When the invoice is emitted?

The invoice is generated automatically and is sent in electronic format in the day of the purchase.

How and where can I confirm the payment?

The confirmation of the payment is done by e-mail at office [at] Unitehosting [dot] com. How can I beneficiate from collaboration with Unitehosting?

At the signing of the contract, you will receive the login to the Control Panel data. When the payment is confirmed, your account will be active.

Where and how can I pay the invoice?

The annual payment is done by bank transfer. For more information see the “payments” section..

How can I obtain assistance?

The assistance is assured by the email address: support [at] Unitehosting [dot] com

We recommend first to consult the documentation on our site.

Can I recommend your services? How do I beneficiate from this?

Yes you can. As a reseller you beneficiate from a percent of the value of the signed contracts from clients you bring to Unitehosting. See the reseller section.

Frequently Asked Domain Questions:

What is and why do I need an Internet domain?

The Internet domain is a name by the form of by which your company cad identify on the Internet. The domain is used for the e-mail addresses of the employees as well as the e-mail address for the official site of your company. By using personalized e-mail addresses, your company name will be easily recognized. Is important that the name you choose to be easily read and memorized. Unitehosting is providing you with consultancy in choosing a domain name.

Where do I register my domain?

You can register your domain you like right here on

In how long I enter in the possession of the domain, after the payment is done?

The domain is activated at most 24 hours after the payment is confirmed or 72 hours if the payment is done by 14.00 hours on Friday.

Can I change the domain name after I had purchase him?

No you can’t. The domains name can’t be changed. They are Internet resources and are allocated to the users after a payment. This payment does not represent the value of the domain, because the domains are not having a fixed value. The tax is just a value associated to the administration of the respective domain. You can change a domain name, by giving him up a buying a new one.

What do I have to do if I want to buy a domain but I don’t want do develop a website?

The choosing of the domain is conditioned by the choosing of a hosting package.

Frequently E-mail Asked Questions:

What is WebMail and why do I need him?

WebMail gives you access to your e-mail, how long you are away from home or office, from any computer connected to the internet, and with a browser installed. In comparing to other programs, the browser e-mail using is done online.

What is a SMTP server?

A SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol which makes possible the sending and receiving of the electronic mail. Because SMTP is putting the messages at the back of the server stack, is used with another two protocols, POP3 and IMSAT, which gives the users the possibility to save the messages in the mail box on the server and to download them periodically.

What is a POP3 protocol and what is used for?

POP3 – Post Office Protocol is an access e-mail account. The POP3 Mail service is used for checking the electronic mail from a internet server who is offering POP3 service.

How can I change my password?

The passwords of the e-mail accounts can be changed using control panel.

How can I add, modify or erase e-mail accounts?

On the limit of your accounts, you can create new ones, modify or erase the existing ones. All this options are available in Control Panel

How can I access my e-mail?

With the help of the Outlook Express, Microsoft Office Outlook, Mail and Newsgroups de la NetScape, Incredimail XS, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, The Bat!, Mozila Thunderbird, Opera, etc., email clients. The configuration of the e-mail accounts by this applications is possible only after making the configurations on our server.

What information do I need?

Necessary information’s for making e-mail accounts with this programs: the name of the account, outgoing mail server, incoming mail server, and your e-mail address.

Configuring e-mail clients:

How can I configure Outlook Express e-mail client?

For making a new mail account with the help of Outlook Express, you have to have installed at least the Internet Explorer version 4.
-In the Tools menu, choose the option Accounts. In the dialog Internet Accounts window, choose Mail option the click add, and then choose Mail.
-In the Internet Connection Wizard window fill in the Display Name field with your name, to be recognized by the receiver, click Next.
-In the E-mail Address field enter your new e-mail address, click Next.
-At the E-mail Server Names section: select at My incoming mail server is a – POP3 server; in the field Incoming mail server fill in with (or .net, or .eu, etc); in the field Outgoing mail server, fill with (or .nt, or .eu, etc)

-At the Internet Mail Logon section: in the Account Name and Password field is filled up with your e-mail address and any password you like. If you do not check Remember Password, Outlook Express will ask you to authentificate, every time you will send an e-mail; click Finish.

To make the e-mail function is necessary to enter again in Tools – Accounts; in the Mail section select your account; click on Properties; in the Server section check My server requires an authentification.

How can I configure my Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail client?

For creating a new mail account using Microsoft Outlook you have to have installed Internet Explorer.

-In the Tools menu choose E-mail Accounts option; select Add a new e-mail accounts, click Next.
-At the section Server Type select POP3 protocol.
-At the section Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) fill in the next fields:
User Information: You’re Name
E-mail Address
Server Information: fill in the incoming mail server (POP3) field –
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) –
Logon Information: fill at the User Name – your e-mail address; Password – what you like. If you do not check Remember Password, Outlook Express will ask you to authentificate, every time you will send an e-mail; click OK

How can I configure Mail and Newsgroups at NetScape?

-Edit; Mail and Newsgroups Accounts Settings…; fill in the Account Name – with your name; Add Account.
-In the Account Wizard window – at the section New Account Setup set E-mail account if is not already set; click Next.
-In the Identity section fill the fields Your Mail with your name and E-mail Address with the e-mail address you like to create; click Next.
-In the Server Information section select POP; in the Server Incoming field fill in; click Next.
In User Name click Next.
In Account Name click Next, Click Finish

Other types of questions:

What is FPT and how can it be used?

FTP – File Transfer Protocol – is a method for transfer files from your computer and server, in usual using Internet. The service allows the server connection and managing the files and directories on that server. The information’s are stored and accessed exclusively using FTP. The protocol has two applications: ftpd – is the server used to connect and ftp – the client you use to connect to the server. The FTP accounts are used for accessing your own web space.

Why do I need FTP access?

For the transferring of files using FTP, a client application is used to connect to another computer named server. There are many FTP clients. Some are implemented in browsers (for example Internet Explorer), others are dedicated applications (Cute FTP or WS_FTP), and others are web applications (see File Manager, which is implemented in Control Panel). In general in the case you use high traffic FTP transfer, we recommend using a dedicated application. An access FTP account makes a directory with the same name in the root directory of your site. FTP access allows the user to modify only different files from that directory.

Are we offering MySQL support for the data bases?

Yes. MySQL is the data base server we offer at your disposal. The majority of our projects that uses data bases are based on MySQL and we encourage all the users to use this data base.

What is a data base?

A data base is a way to record some information/data on an external support, with the possibility to regain them. Usually, a data base is stored in one ore more files. The classic model is the relational one, in which the dates are stored in tables. A data base can contain procedures and functions, users, data types, objects, etc.

What is a CGI-BIN directory and what is his purpose?

CGI-BIN is the common name of a server directory in which are held the CGI scripts. The “bin” part from the “cgi-bin” is the short version of the word “binary”, because in the past all the programs were named “binary”. In the present all the programs from the cgi-bin directories are text files—scripts that are executed by the binary stored on the same computer.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting programming language, executed on the server and used for the Internet, being used for the making of the interactive web sites. It is one of the most important programming languages web open-source and server-side. Because of the modularity, it can be used to develop applications. The most important facility of this language is that he works with the majority of the relational data bases, from MySQL to Oracle. PHP can run on most operating systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and it can interact with the most web servers.

What is Macromedia Shockwave, Flash and what they are used for?

Macromedia Shockwave is a family of multimedia players. The program is designated for the users who want 3D games, animation and interactivity. Macromedia Flash is an instrument used for the web-designer to insert animation and sound on web sites. The benefits of this program are: the possibility to create images with small size on the server, allowing the site to load quicker and to adapt to different resolutions.

Is the electronic commerce safe from the point of view of security?

The confidential information, (the number of the bank account) and all the information’s linked to your account, are encrypted with SSL from your computer to the server and from the server to the receiver computer, the transfer is done in totality encrypted. The decryption of the information is done by your browser accordingly to the SSL Certificate by which the transfer takes place.

What is SSL?

If you have a site transferring confidential information’s is recommended that the transfers are made in a web data coding method –SSL – Secure Socket Layers. This way the information is transmitted coded in a 128 bits code, thus the communication is confidential between the two parts. Once transmitted, the web server decodes it.

How can I access SSL server?

The method to access a SSL server can be different for every client. At the requesting of every client, and by his needs, different sites will be secured.

What is an anti-spam filter and why is he necessary?

The anti-spam filter is used to block an e-mail address. There are many definitions for the anti-spam, and the best one is that spam is the electronic version of the junk mail. The e-mail filters are a way to escape from the unwanted mails. We block only a different kind of mail. The blocked mails are moved to another e-mail address or script, or deleted.

What is an antivirus and why is he necessary?

The fastest way to spread viruses is the e-mail, the mail servers are bombarded daily with infected messages who targets the user’s computers.
The antivirus programs are essential for protecting computers from the viruses, worms, Trojans or other invaders. The attacks of the viruses can delete files, access personal data or to attack another computers.

What is a Control Panel and what is it used for?

The Control Panel is an interface with the user, who permits this one to modify the e-mail settings, allows or not access to an anonym FTP, access to your cgi-bin, visualized statistics, changing passwords, etc. You can add new facilities to your account when you want. By the Control Panel we offer you the flexibility to make changes at any time you want.

Do you back-up your data?

Yes. It is recommended that a copy of your files, sites, data bases to be saved in case of a disaster. In this way, Unitehosting is providing you with the mirroring service.