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Hosting Description

Web hosting details, domain/domains registration

Installation tax:

When ordering a different  hosting package, the tax installation value will be deduced from the domain value.

Storing space:

The storing space is the maximum value your site can occupy on our server hard-disk.

Monthly traffic:

Monthly traffic represents the size of the received/sends data from your site for a period of a month. We know that the monthly traffic we offer for your site, and is more then you need.

Second-level domains:

Second-level  domains are web domains with the form

Technical support:

We assure free technical support for creating and configuring e-mail accounts, Control Panel use and website navigation. To get more information please see FAQ. We recommend that before you contact us, consulting the website documentation, offered as a support for you.

E-mail address numbers:

For every package offer by Unitehosting we give you personalized e-mail address.

Those are the form:

E-mail forwarding:

The process in which an e-mail received from a e-mail address is redirected to another address/addresses.

In the case you are gone in holyday, Unitehosting offers the next solution: you have the possibility to redirect from Control Panel or to restrict all the e-mail that comes to your e-mail address to another address.

Web mail:

Unitehosting offers you the possibility that when you are gone in holiday and do not have access to your personal PC, to visualize your personal e-mail from another PC’s that are connected to the internet by browser e-mail, which is the form

Compared with other e-mail programs, by using browser e-mail, the usage of the electronic mail is done on-line.

The storage of the e-mail box:

Every e-mail box has a certain storage capacity, which can’t be exceeded. If you are close to the limit we recommend that you delete all the unnecessary e-mails.

SMTP Server:

For creating e-mail accounts, Unitehosting is using SMTP server with POP3 protocol. The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), is a protocol TCP.IP by which is possible sending and receiving e-mail.

Because SMTP is limited just to put messages to the end of the server e-mail line, another two protocols are used, POP3 and IMSAT, which allow the user to save and store messages on the server, and to download them periodically.

Collecting address:.

From Control Panel you have the possibility to collect on a e-mail address all the messages that comes thru your e-mail accounts.

Anti spam filter:

For the use in safety of  e-mail we have on our server a anti-spam filter. The anti-spam filter is used for blocking a e-mail address. There are many definitions for the anti-spam, and the best one is that spam is the electronic version of the junk mail. The e-mail filters are a way to escape from the unwanted mails. We block only a different kind of mail. The blocked mails are moved to another e-mail address or script, or deleted.


The fastest way to spread viruses is the e-mail, the mail servers are bombarded daily with infected messages who targets the user’s computers.
The antivirus programs are essential for protecting computers from the viruses, worms, Trojans or other invaders. The attacks of the viruses can delete files, access personal data or to attack another computers.

Traffic statistics:

The traffic statistics allow you to verify your website traffic. You can run statistics on countries, IP’s, date, hour, done by your own website and how long you have until exceeded the upper limit.

Data base:

A data base is a way to record some information/data on an external support, with the possibility to regain them. Usually, a data base is stored in one ore more files. The classic model is the relational one, in which the dates are stored in tables. A data base can contain procedures and functions, users, data types, objects, etc.

CGI-BIN Director:

CGI-BIN is the common name of a server directory in which are held the CGI scripts. The “bin” part from the “cgi-bin” is the short version of the word “binary”, because in the past all the programs were named “binary”. In the present all the programs from the cgi-bin directories are text files—scripts that are executed by the binary stored on the same computer.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting programming language, executed on the server and used for the Internet, being used for the making of the interactive web sites. It is one of the most important programming languages web open-source and server-side. Because of the modularity, it can be used to develop applications. The most important facility of this language is that he works with the majority of the relational data bases, from MySQL to Oracle. PHP can run on most operating systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and it can interact with the most web servers

Macromedia Shockwave, Flash:

Macromedia Shockwave is a family of multimedia players. The program is designated for the users who want 3D games, animation and interactivity. Macromedia Flash is an instrument used for the web-designer to insert animation and sound on web sites. The benefits of this program are: the possibility to create images with small size on the server, allowing the site to load quicker and to adapt to different resolutions.

SSL Support:

If you have a site transferring confidential information’s is recommended that the transfers are made in a web data coding method –SSL – Secure Socket Layers. This way the information is transmitted coded in a 128 bits code, thus the communication is confidential between the two parts. Once transmitted, the web server decodes it.

FTP Access:

For the transferring of files using FTP, a client application is used to connect to another computer named server. There are many FTP clients. Some are implemented in browsers (for example Internet Explorer), others are dedicated applications (Cute FTP or WS_FTP), and others are web applications (see File Manager, which is implemented in Control Panel). In general in the case you use high traffic FTP transfer, we recommend using a dedicated application.

An access FTP account makes a directory with the same name in the root directory of your site. FTP access allows the user to modify only different files from that directory.

Control Panel:

The Control Panel is an interface with the user, who permits this one to modify the e-mail settings, allows or not access to an anonym FTP, access to your cgi-bin, visualized statistics, changing passwords, etc. You can add new facilities to your account when you want. By the Control Panel we offer you the flexibility to make changes at any time you want.


It is recommended that a copy of your files, sites, data bases to be saved in case of a disaster. In this way, Unitehosting is providing you with the mirroring service.