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Web Hosting Affiliate Program

You can choose between the most beneficial Hosting affiliate program. You can earn money in a simple and easy way, by promoting services UniteHosting. The affiliate program is accessible to any client and most importantly, registration is free.

How does it work?

Every time you promote our services by sending a visitor who is using a unique reference link, data is stored into our system of managing affiliates. After that we know how to calculate correctly your commission recommendation.

What we offer?

Commission unmatched by the competing companies, 15% of the products purchased by customers!

Bonus 5 euro yhen you register to the affiliate program!

How you collect the money?

Very simple. When you have gathered, in promoting our services, the amount of 20 euros, the sum will be transferd from UniteHosting to your account within three days. This period is necessary for banks to complete the transaction.

There are limitations of recommendation?

There is no such thing. At any time, you can recommend any amount of clients. Also, every time an order recommended by you is completed, the commission money will enter automatically in your affiliate account.

UniteHosting membership is free and there is no limit to the amount that can be gained.


  • 5 euro Bounus initial registration.
  • Bounus continuous 15% of the recommended controls.
  • Possibility of self referral.
  • Easy administration affiliate account.
  • No limitation on number of recommendations of the same customer.
  • Rapid collection of money.

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