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The new servers with Intel Xeon 7500 Maguay, perfect for Web Hosting

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 By: Gabriel
Category: News

Maguay launched new servers PowerServer line, the Intel Xeon processor 7500 series, launched in Romania, while those for server processors manufactured by Intel Corporation. New Maguay PowerServer ER4 Xeon processor 7500 series launched today is so powerful that it can replace 20 uniprocessor servers from any Data Center. One PowerServer! Maximum amount of memory has increased to unprecedented rates: a configuration with four Intel Xeon 7500, as Maguay PowerServer ER4, can support up to 512GB of memory. New performance PowerServer are incomparably higher than those of old Powerserv, so Intel said Nehalem architecture. After last year Intel has completed one by one most series Xeon processors with new members with the Nehalem architecture, now time for the 7XXX series Xeon processors to get new members with the latest architecture and performance, during which fully completes Intel passing all Xeon processors in this architecture. As already revealed in previous releases occasions, Intel’s Nehalem architecture produces a jump of more spectacular performance than initially expected, and intelligent features introduced in this architecture offers a new perspective on computing power at its disposal. This time, the new Intel Xeon 7500 November benefits, such as memory access bandwidth by eight times, and scalability configuration – which is unprecedented: Intel Xeon 7500 platforms are designed to work on 2 processors, up to 256 processors.

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