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Things to Remember Before Buying Dedicated Hosting

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 By: Gabriel
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Getting a website for a business, family or ideas is a huge step. Your are adding a new dimension to your life, and this must be done with great thought. All of us so much time on the look of the website, not that it is not important people often overlook the most important part- hosting. The internet is a super shoppe for dedicated servers. It is like going in to WalMart without a shopping list, and getting ripped off. There are many factors that need to be considered before buying a dedicated server, and you need to identify them. Here we help you identify these factors and accost you with how these factors affect your choice. 1. Platform: Unix VS NT? Each platform has their rabid fans, and we are not here to discuss which one is superior. This choice depends your motif and purpose of your website. So, if you’re putting up a basic site with standard HTML, without any server side scripting or database support, then you may choose Unix or NT as both options would be ideal. So what really affects this choice? You choice is weaned by your site’s purpose. If your website is going to evolve in to a large website with Databases or ASP, then we think the NT hosting would be the best choice. If your website, is just a simple website without above mentioned characteristics then Unix would be also suited. 2. Space VS Traffic? Space and traffic are the most dynamic factors as they affect Web Hosts rates. In a majority of cases, sites require only few megabytes of space and thus the amount of traffic should be well compensated in the space rate. Hence, if your website falls in to this category then we advise you not to get flustered by the big numbers. On the other hand, if your website is several hundred pages and is going to have a thousand plus hits a day, then you must give some thought to this factor and choose the wisest option. We say you go with traffic since it is an unpredictable element and not give the Web Host’s to penalize you for exceeding the limits. This is also true if your simple website is made of lot of Flash or Multimedia elements. 3. Email: Limited Vs Unlimited? The most underestimated factor of Dedicated Hosting Packages and we say as emails are the lifelines of online businesses. Make sure that when you choose a package it has enough email accounts for your business and if your business has potential we suggest you look for the unlimited package. So that way hosts don’t have a chance to rip you off by charging an extra few bucks for every new account. We cannot emphasize the importance of this factor because quite often people shift web hosts due to the email factor, and this is a very arduous experience. We hope you don’t get burned in this factor.

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