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Online payment card cut the underground economy

Monday, October 26, 2009 By: Gabriel
Category: News

Every country has an underground economy. Most times in Romania it is called gray economy. This means that companies are legal, but the transactions are made to the limit of the law. Romanian underground economy, valued at more than 46 billion euros, could fall by up to 2.5% if the volume of electronic payments would increase by 5%. There is a direct link between economy, cash payments involving more transparent, and the fact that Romania has a small percentage of electronic payments. Romania has the highest percentage in Europe of citizens who receive their wages in cash, by 23%. In the absence of electronic payments, the underground economy in Romania would have been 17 billion euros more, according to information circulated on the Global Forum 2009, organized in Bucharest. Only four mayors accept online payment card: Baia Mare, Timisoara, Arad and Campia Turzii.

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