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Cloud computing and the virtualization of data centers

Friday, December 18, 2009 By: Gabriel
Category: News

The Cloud Computing concept is increasingly more often lately, and is shaping up to be major technological change that will reshape the majority of data center company. Through this, users will have paid for and scalable computing resources according to needs, high availability and managed automatically by the service provider, these resources will be composed of processor, memory and disk storage space (in the form simplest) or even services. Cloud Computing Services at the stand already a mature technology: virtualization. This allows the achievement of major goals in resource management, mainly to reduce operational costs while ensuring flexibility to otherwise unattainable physical configurations. The benefits of virtualization, consisting mainly of strengthening heterogeneous computing resources: infrastructure, applications, databases, portals, interfaces, and even virtualized desktops. Lowering power consumption per unit of computing, energy saving and ensure proper functioning in a mode of “green computing” is also a point of interest. Virtualization first appeared on the desktop, providing running a second operating system (possibly other than the host) for testing and training. Over time appeared but virtualization able to host multiple virtual machines and physical hardware resources distributed between them according to needs.

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